Around here, our year begins September 1. As fall sets in, we’re stepping into our final preparation year before full-time students arrive!

Due to the time and cost involved, we don’t do many physical mailings any longer. However, we have sent out a special year-end newsletter in the mail.

In case you didn’t receive it, you may download it here (click).

We’re so excited to see what the Lord is doing. It’s truly a privilege to be included in this ministry.

If you’d like to receive paper mailings in the future, please drop us a note at with your mailing address and we’ll add you to the list.

Thank you so much for your continued support of the School of Kingdom Writers.

We’re seeking 350 people who can make a small monthly pledge to the School of Kingdom Writers to complete our launch funding. Will you take a step of faith with us? Learn more here.

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