We’ve passed $400,000 in total fundraising! Can you believe it?

A little less than two years ago I was sending out an excited email that we’d raised our first $100,000. How far this mission has come in 24 months!

God is providing for what we need as we need it. It’s truly a humbling thing to watch.

Out total budget calls for about $1,000,000 to fully fund our campus building and our launch period. Once we’re up and running, we’ll be 100% tuition funded and self-sustainable. We still have a long way to go, but I can feel it getting closer and closer.

That $400k number includes money received, as well as pledges, so some of it is still coming in. We believe God will provide everything we need, and so we spend every single dollar towards the mission as it comes in.

Over the next quarter we’re putting out a simple call. To reach full funding, we’re asking for 350 families, organizations, and individuals to commit to donating $50 per month for the next 36 months.

If we achieve this goal, we will have 100% of the funding that we need.

Will you pray for this initiative? Please join us in earnest faith that God is going to provide these pledges, and supply every dollar we need when we need it.

And will you make this commitment today? You can be the difference. Even if you can’t do $50 every month, will you take a step of faith with us to financially support this mission right now? Learn more and make a pledge here: SOKW.org/pledge/

350 is a large number. But with your help, I know that we can raise the money for a full and complete launch.

Thank you for supporting this ministry with your prayers, with your finances as you’re able, and by spreading the word to friends and neighbors. You make the difference!

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