We’re always looking for new things for our apprentices to experience which will help them to write better. We shoot guns, ride snowmobiles, visit factories and commercial agriculture…all to inform the stories that they’ll write (also, it’s usually a pretty good time).

If you’re a writer, fighting is also a good thing to know about. Sam and Reece Johnson recently volunteered to visit The Company to provide a special workshop on fight scenes and martial arts. They taught our students some martial arts fundamentals, and also threw them around a little bit.

Sam and Reece are each experts in various forms of martial arts.

While they were here, we asked them a simple question, “As an expert in your field, what are five things that books and movies get wrong way too frequently?” We recorded their answers, and posted it for free to YouTube. Check it out here:

Sam and Reece also provided suggestions for how to avoid or correct these errors, as well as several vocabulary words that will level-up your fight scenes.

We want to thank Sam and Reece for spending time with us and investing in our apprentices, and thanks for doing this video with us!

Tell us what you think in the comments. Which of these mistakes have you made? Which ones bother you? What did Sam and Reece miss on their list?

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