It’s an exciting time at the School of Kingdom Writers. Last week marked the start of our academic year.

We are welcoming two new apprentices to our full-time program in Zanesville, Ohio!

Lindsey is joining us from Texas and Allison has moved here all the way from Las Vegas.

It’s an honor to get to work with incredible people like these ones. They’ll be with us for the next two years learning to write amazing content, to leverage the publishing industry, and to reach real readers with their work.

Please cover them in prayer, especially during this transition period. They’ll need lots of blessings and grace as they get settled in, make new friends, and find a church home.

All of our writers here are serious about reaching Americans with the love of Jesus. They’re willing to make big sacrifices to see that happen. I think that’s commendable, and I’m blessed by their faithfulness to the call of the Lord.

If you want to follow their adventures, please follow us on Instagram or Facebook, where we regularly post stuff to our stories.

We’re also welcoming fourteen writers to our Arche Year Cohorts, including two international students. This is a part-time online program, and an opportunity to take a real but manageable step into the Lord’s calling.

Thanks for being a part of our community. Thanks for joining us in prayer for these writers, for a redeemed media, and for the glory of God to be reflected in everything we do.

Will you support the work that we’re doing?

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