Efficiency is a really high value of ours. We want to do more with less.

Last time we checked, there are still starving children, and families without access to clean drinking water in the world. We believe that in the long term, this ministry affects systemic solutions for problems like those. But nonetheless, every time we make a financial decision as an organization or ask the body of believers for money, we have to square that request with the practical needs in the world.

In order to launch our full-time intensive program, we need a space for our students. By the leading of the Lord and in honor of efficiency, we’ve purchased a long forgotten building that we can rehab inexpensively to accomplish our goals.

If you’d like to explore it, here’s what it looked like as of two months ago:

One of the advantages of our vocational education model is that it has very low overhead. There’s little need for support staff. There are no fancy, historic facilities to maintain. No immaculately landscaped quad to photograph.

What you see is what you get. And what you see is 100% functional space.

What we need is about 10,000 square feet of usable space. That gives us enough room for our student workstations, classrooms, a few offices, and an auditorium where all of our students can gather at one time. We also hope to have a little coffee bar in one corner that we can open up to the public.

Every single one of these spaces will be occupied at least five days of every single week. In addition to our students, we’ll make these spaces available for the local community in the evenings and weekends when our students aren’t using them.

It will cost us approximately $650,000 to build out this space. The total cost comes to approximately $1,000,000 when we include our operating expenses until we’re fully self-sustaining with student tuition.

It’s interesting, a million dollars seems like a lot of money. But business owners and other ministry leaders are routinely surprised that we can get this done at such a low cost.

Even without a facility, we’re already training more than 200 writers this year alone to leverage our broken media for Jesus. With this new space available for full-time students, we’ll also be training an elite force of media operatives each year.

And we’re nearly halfway there! By the grace and provision of God, we’re getting close to $500,000 in total fundraising.

Imagine, we’re 5,000 donations of $100 away from being fully funded. Or if only 500 families chose to give $1,000, we would be all of the way there.

I don’t personally know 50,000 people, but if each one gave just $10, this mission can launch at full capacity.

How about you? Can you give $10? $100? $1,000?

We’re preparing a simple, functional space to train young ministers who will recapture America with the gospel, who will effectively reach their peers. Will you take one minute right now to be a part of this solution?

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