Simba had seizures. Lots of them. The medications weren’t 100% effective, and if he missed a dose, he had a seizure within a few hours. Always. 

Simba is Jessi Plowman’s dog. Jessi is one of the five brave authors who submitted their work to the Professional Critique last week. (If you missed it, you can find the video here, or listen on the podcast here.) Jessi later explained to me that Simba’s seizures were “refractory,” which means they don’t respond to medication very well, even at extremely high doses.

Last Tuesday, when I asked for prayer requests, Jessi boldly asked for prayer for her dog.

Prefer to listen? Grab the podcast episode here.

Sometimes it’s hard to ask for prayer for a pet. It’s just a dog, we might rationalize. But God doesn’t see it that way, and I’m so glad that Jessi asked for prayer. (Jonah 4:11)

Can I tell you she stopped giving the dog its medication, and Simba hasn’t had a single seizure in a week?

God completely healed this dog. Here’s a picture of the medication Jessi used to give to her dog every day. That’s just one day’s worth of pills in her hand.


We prayed over Zoom, 400 miles away. And God came and healed that dog.

I think God cares for animals. But I know He loves Jessi. I know He cares for her heart.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen God heal over Zoom. Our first Arche Year classes were over Zoom in 2020 thanks to COVID. God showed up with a miraculous healing in one of those classes, and we’ve seen the Holy Spirit move across time and space over and over again since then.

Why would God heal in a writing class? I can only assume it’s because a group of his beloved children were assembled, and He was among them, and He loves them. Mark 16:17 tells us that all kinds of supernatural things will follow those that believe. I assume that still counts whether we’re at church, in a writing class, or at the grocery store. 

Jessi’s dog isn’t the only recently answered prayer. In the past few months, we’ve seen God heal ears and knees and lungs. We’ve seen God supernaturally provide for financial needs on more than one occasion. To God be all the glory for these things!

Most recently, between the people in this community and Noah’s local church community, he received almost $2,000 to help cover his expenses from his scooter accident on May 4. (Read about that here.)

When you’re a poor writing student, that’s literally life-changing money.

Most of that came from this community of believers. 

The interesting thing about what we do here is that most of the community of Company writers are invisible. You’re out there, theoretically reading these newsletters and maybe making use of the free resources on our website, but we never see you. We see the apprentices every day, and there’s people in the online Arche Year courses, and some people come to our workshops and events. 

But many of you are just out there. I hope that these resources help you to stay on mission with your writing, and that together we are impacting the media in America. But really, I have no idea. My job is to be faithful to the mission God has given me. I try to hear His voice and I trust Him with the pieces, and I hope that you’re out there doing the same, and accomplishing the mission God has placed on your heart. I have faith, but I don’t know.

But there are times when God pulls the veil back, and for just a moment, I get a glimpse.

One of the things that we see in Acts 2:46 and 4:34 is that authentic Christian communities are generous. The Bible says that those early Christians took care of one another and there were no needy persons among them.

When we can express a need like Noah’s, and you guys respond to meet it, it encourages me. It reminds me that, yes, there are real people out there. While this doesn’t look like a modern “church,” this is a legitimate body of believers that God has assembled for His purposes.

With a glad and sincere heart, we thank God that He is at work here. Surely we are nothing without Him!

You’re welcome to be an invisible member of this community. But you don’t have to be. Every week I get responses to these newsletters and I love that. So send us an email, comment on a social media post or join us on the Facebook group. Come out to our next online workshop, free class, or critique event, and (if you’re bold) turn your camera on.

I sincerely hope you benefit from everything we put out, and I’m genuinely grateful you’re here. You’re welcome to take advantage of everything that’s helpful to you in the way that best suits you. But it only gets better the further you move towards the center! 😊

It’s only been a little over a year since we re-organized some pieces of our mission and became The Company. Some of the pieces are still settling, and we’re still figuring out exactly how to be that “Community of Christian writers on a mission to change the world.” But I see that God is moving. That is not an illusion. He is at work in this, and He reminds of His presence.

Praise God with us for these answered prayers. He is the only reason they are answered. Praise God for this real community of believing writers that He is raising up to share together, meet one another’s needs, and change the world.

I’m so glad you’re here lifting your voice with us.

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