You have about two weeks to get those “Back to Life” flash fiction stories submitted to our Spring Writing Contest. Winner takes home $100, and there’s no cost to enter! Get all of the details here.

Back to Life Writing Contest Theme

This quarter the contest will be judged by the first-year students at the School of Kingdom Writers. In case you’re having a little trouble getting your gears turning, they’ve assembled some writing prompts to jumpstart your creativity.

You are free to use any of these prompts in your entry if they’re helpful! (It’s not required though, and you can write about anything you want.)

Anya Israel – Writing Contest Judge

Prompt 1:

“You’re supposed to be dead.”

“I mean, ‘dead’ is a relative term, right?”


Prompt 2:

You have a gift for nurturing nearly dead plants back to life. One day, you find a tiny, withered beanstalk curled around your fence post. You water it and tuck some fertilizer into the soil
around it. The next day, you awaken to find it towering far above your home into the clouds, healthy and strong, with a stairway made of leaves winding upwards. Where does it lead?

Prompt 3:

You have been caring for a foster child for three months. She is silent and submissive, listless, expression always blank. You’ve almost given up hope, but one day, a curious event brings the
spark of life back to her eyes. What is that event?

Leanna Hampton – Writing Contest Judge

Prompt 1:

He opened eyes that were not his and looked down at the body the Procurators had selected for him. This was his 57th time being resurrected. Unfortunately, this body wasn’t as handsome and trim as his last vessel. Didn’t they understand that selecting a good-looking specimen was essential to his mandate?

Prompt 2:

A tiny winged creature with sparse red feathers, gangly body, and sharp break, rose from the mound of ashes.
“Welcome back, Fee.” A woman dressed in leather armor fixed her intense green eyes on the phoenix. “You saved our lives in that last skirmish.”

Prompt 3:

The assistant M.E. scrubbed his hands and ran them under a stream of cool water. His head nodded in time with the beat of the rock music pumping from a wireless speaker in the corner.
He looked up, eyes finding his reflection in the mirror above the sink. Behind him, a body lay on the cold steel table, ready for autopsy.

Michaylah Malone – Writing Contest Judge

Prompt 1:

“How come you never told me you were a zombie?”

“What?! I’m not a zombie.”

“Dude. We all went to your funeral last week.”

Prompt 2:

Amelia loved to spend time in her garden, especially in the spring when the flowers began to bloom and various shades of colors filled the beds. This morning, however, a new flower seemed to have sprouted overnight and she could see the bud was close to blooming.

Prompt 3:

The scientist watched with fascination as the supernova millions of lightyears away became a black hole. His fascination turned into shock when he saw through the telescope something
emerging from the abyss of nothingness. Something headed in their direction.

Thirzah – Writing Contest Judge

Prompt 1:

“The queen is dead.”

“No, I’m not.”

“Your majesty? I thought I killed you!”

Prompt 2:

A character loses their family, friends, and all the wealth they once had. The character feels broken and more dead than alive. What event happens that makes them want to keep on living?

Prompt 3:

“All you ever do is cause death and bring destruction. Aren’t you getting tired of it?”

“No, but I’m open to suggestions.”

“Why don’t you create something for once? Do something constructive.”

“Like what?”

Writing Contest Deadline: June 1, 2022

What are you waiting for? Get writing!

This is your chance to prove you’re ready for the next level! There’s absolutely no cost to enter! What do you have to lose?

All flash fiction submissions must be received by the end of the day on June 1! Get all of the details here.

A few weeks ago we posted the judges wish list for this writing contest. If you want to know what the judges are looking for in a contest winning story, click here.

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