We’ve fully funded our building purchase! God is amazing!

By His grace and providence, we’ve collected more than $63,000 in cash donations in less than 50 days. We can now complete the purchase of our building, well ahead of our December 26th deadline!

Thank you to everyone who has supported this mission and this building purchase in prayer and by donating. God is raising up a wonderful community around this mission, and even if you live far away, you’re an important part of it.

We’re excited to begin developing the building, and preparing it for our future students. The students who pass through this property will have a huge impact on the American media!

Our task is far from over. Our job now is to keep this momentum rolling.

Giving Tuesday is right around the corner on December 3rd, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Facebook has promised to match donations we receive through their platform, effectively doubling your contribution. That’s like free money!

I’m asking you to help us by doing two things:

1. Set a reminder on your phone to give a donation on our Facebook page at 8:00am ET on Tuesday, December 3.

Find our Facebook fundraiser here.

Facebook will match up to $7 million in total donations on their platform (among all of the qualified non-profits), on a first-come, first-serve basis after 8am ET. $7M is a lot of money, but last year donors gave more than $125M on Facebook, so it won’t last long. If you can’t give until later, that’s OK, but the earlier the better (just so it’s after 8am ET). Even if you can only give $5 that day, it makes a big difference!

2. Help us to spread the word on December 3rdEven if you can’t donate, please set a reminder and share our calls on social media with your friends and followers, and tell them why this is a mission that’s important to you. Every little bit helps!

Our next step is to fund a few immediate repairs to the building, including a roof repair and some masonry work. Then we can move on to the fun stuff of developing the interior for our future students and our community!

We’re committed to putting every dollar we receive to its best use. Your help goes such a long way. On Tuesday, December 3rd, your help goes twice as far!

Thank you to everyone who has supported this mission! You are bringing something important to life!

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