The weather is breaking in Ohio, and we’re ready to get back to work on the building.

Could your group provide the labor or the cost for one of the following tasks? Groups could be church groups, clubs, groups of friends, or court-ordered community service. Many of these jobs are simple, with no experience necessary. We’ll provide tools and a foreman to train you and orchestrate the project.

Send Brad an email at to set something up. If you’d like to volunteer but don’t have a group, please reach out and we’ll coordinate individuals to work together as well.

Next to each task, we’ve listed the anticipated cost, as well as the expected person-hours of labor required. (For example, a “10 hour” task would theoretically take a group of 5 people about 2 hours to complete.)

We’ll keep this list updated as new tasks become available.


Dismantle Stairs debris and Remove – $700 for dumpsters, 6 hours – Vineyard Plain City – Thank you!

Clean Trash/Debris from Basement – Cost combined with above, 10 hours – Vineyard Plain City – Thank you!

SMALL CREWS (2-6 people):

Pull Weeds along sides of building – No Cost, 2 hours

Scrape Peeling Paint on 3rd Floor – No cost, 12 hours (No lead has been found, but you may still want to use an appropriate mask for this task)

Finish 2nd floor subfloor – 20 hours (materials on-site)

Finish 1st floor subfloor – 60 hours (materials on-site)

Rebuild Entryway Ceiling – $500, 10 hours

Frame In Entryway Ceiling Gaps – No cost (materials on-site), 4 hours

Clean Old Electrical Lines out of Ceiling – No cost, 8 hours

BIG CREWS (4-20):

3rd floor subfloor replacement – $9,000, 200 hours

4th floor subfloor replacement – $9,000, 200 hours

We’ll update this list with more tasks as these ones are completed, and as plans and city approvals are granted.

If you’re not sure or don’t care what your group does, that’s OK–send us an email and we’ll figure it out.

Send Brad an email at with any questions, or to schedule your crew for one of these tasks. We can’t wait to work with you.

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