The Lord is doing a mighty thing! We continue to press forward with the development of our campus in Zanesville, Ohio.

This campus will produce 12 highly-trained writers each year, ready and capable to transform the American media. These writers won’t just chip away at the darkness, they will set a new standard, with books, blogs, podcasts, social media, and media of all types that glorify the King and advance the Kingdom of Light.

The Lord is preparing an army to radically transform the media. This campus is an important outpost.

We are committed to developing this facility without debt. This is a value that we feel is Biblical and appropriate for our ministry.

Remaining debt-free will also ensure that we can keep our tuition costs reasonable for our students. We will complete the development of the facility only as cash fundraising allows.

To date, we have collected quotes on the most essential repairs to the building, including repairing the roof, replacing the subfloors on all four floors, and replacing the windows on the first two floors of the building. These repairs will be completed in that order.

The roof comes first. The roof protects all of the other repairs we’ll make and prevents further damage. We have received many quotes for the roof, and have selected a local company to perform the work.

The roof repair will begin as soon as possible, at a maximum cost of $52,000. We will place $10,000 down on this agreement, with the remainder due within 30 days of the completion of the project.

To keep all of the parts of this project moving along, and taking into account our cash on hand, we intend to raise $62,000 by May 1st.

Click here to make a donation through Facebook. Facebook does not take any fees for donations.

So far most of our support has been small donations from families and individuals, people just like you. Most of these donations range from $20 to $1,000. Some of our donors have made monthly pledges ranging from $10 to $150 per month.

We appreciate every donor, and we’re committed to putting every dollar raised to its best, highest, and most efficient use.

This facility will transform the media. We are taking what belongs to the Lord and using it for his purposes. No longer will we sit idly by while darkness reigns in the American media.

This facility will raise up warriors around the country and around the globe who understand the media and are prepared to drive out the darkness.

Will you stand with us and support this project? Will you stand with the Lord, make a donation today and arm these warriors?

If everyone who reads this blog donates just $15, we will meet this goal by the end of the month. Will you join your faith with ours and support this important mission?

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