If you could change the American media, would you? What if it only costs you $9, will you take action right now?

This month 73 million Americans will give Netflix at least $9. And next month and the month after. Netflix uses that money to create original content that is full of nudity, graphic sexuality, and promotes every kind of depravity. It is anti-God, anti-family, and anti-American. Yet that’s the content that’s leading our culture.

You can change the world with that same $9. You have the power to cancel the kingdom of darkness. Let’s fight back together.

Let’s give the next generation a media that glorifies and honors God. Let’s give them media of exceptional quality—books, shows, podcasts, and social media that deserve their attention. Let’s give them a media that truly does the full work of the Gospel. God can do it!

Will you take our $9 November challenge right now? Don’t wait, take action.

We are training writers to produce media that’s actually good and represents the Kingdom of God. No more Christian cheese ball fluff. Your $9 funds our training center so that we can multiply the number of Christian content creators who are doing this critical work and changing America. These warriors are infiltrating the American media with the gospel.

  • Fund Kingdom media
  • Raise up Warriors
  • Watch the darkness fall

If the believers who read this give just $9, our mission will be fully funded and we can concentrate 100% of our attention on the work of the mission the Lord has given us. You have the power to change the world with just $9.

The options are simple: yes or no. Yes, you want to partner with God and this mission to bring forth a new American media. Or no, you want to sit and watch, see what happens, let others advance the Kingdom without you.

What’ll it be? I think you were made for a time such as this.

A new media is coming. Will you be a part of the solution or will you be a spectator? Take action right now. A new media is worth $9.

You have the power to cancel the darkness. Do it.

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit educational organization. All donations are tax deductible.

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