We received such an amazing pool of submissions for our Spring Flash Fiction Contest! We asked for your best work on the theme “Back to Life” and you guys delivered!

There can only be one winner. Before we announce that, make sure to check out our Summer Flash Fiction Contest right now. Learn more here.

All of the stories submitted to this contest were judged blind, which means that the judges did not know the name of the author. It’s important to us to run a fair contest without favoritism. Winning stories were chosen only due to the merits of the writing.

Spring Writing Contest Grand Prize Winner

Emily Gwaltney

We are pleased to announce that Emily Gwaltney is our official grand prize winner! Our judges felt that her story, “Dandelions,” rose above the competition in writing quality and story development. Her story was complete, even with such a short word count, kept us engaged from beginning to end, and created a universe that was bigger than the 1,500 words on the page.

Emily lives in the beautiful mountains of wild and wonderful West Virginia. She is a college student studying Child Development, and she enjoys writing, reading, hiking, and working with young children.

Congratulations, Emily!

Emily will receive a $100 Amazon gift card. Pending her approval, the story will be published to the School of Kingdom Writers website as well as to Pearl Magazine when it’s launched. We’ll post links to the published story when they’re available.

Spring Writing Contest Runner-Up

The runner-up in the Spring contest is P. Anthony Ramanauskas for his short story “The Pyre.” Congratulations, Anthony, your story stood out among the competition. We can’t wait to read more from you in the future!

From Mr. Ramanauskas: “P. Anthony Ramanauskas lives with his wife, son, and two dogs in Cleveland, Ohio.  He is—under the call sign WebEater—the host of the Radio FreeWrite podcast, where he and a panel of delightful writers share new fiction every week.”

As the runner-up, P. Anthony will receive the item of his choice from the School of Kingdom Writers store (check it out here), like some of “Get Your Hopes Up” or “Writers Change the World” apparel.

Spring Writing Contest Honorable Mention

Several other stories rose to the top of our stack of finalists, and we’d like to give credit to those writers now.

In no particular order, these stories also impressed our judges:

“The Cycle” by Elyse Holmes

“Aria” by Iris Noth

“From Within” by Irena Jandikova

Congratulations on writing notable pieces! We hope that you’ll submit again to our Summer Writing Contest!

Thank you to all who submitted!

It takes real courage to submit your work to a contest. We applaud every writer who took a risk and entered this contest. Please keep writing and submit again!

This contest was judged by the first-year writers at the School of Kingdom Writers. Special thanks to Thirzah GriffioenAnya Israel, and Michaylah Malone for their hard work evaluating the submissions that we received. If you’d like to join these writers, the School of Kingdom Writers is now accepting applications for our Cohort beginning this fall. Learn more and apply here.

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Thank you again to everyone who participated in this contest! We hope you had fun, and we hope you’ll submit again!

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