What if there was entertainment that was good and good for you?

Sometimes we have this idea with food that something is either going to be good or be good for you, and you can’t have both at the same time. But of course that’s not true. In the hands of a masterful chef or baker, you can have both.

There is some captivating storytelling coming into the world right now. Streaming entertainment has changed the game. We’re seeing more creativity and risk-taking with storytelling than ever before.

But most of it comes with a lethal dose of smut. It’s saturated in the methods and messages of the kingdom of darkness.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Entertainment, consuming stories, doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure.

A New Way

God is raising up a new generation of Christian storytellers. He is doing it.

These storytellers are going to flood the entertainment industry with amazing stories that are captivating, creative, and stimulating, and that also represent the values of Christ and the gospel.

Think it’s impossible? I’ve been serving a God for a while who delights in delivering the impossible.

It’s true that in the past Christian efforts at entertainment media have been…lackluster (to be polite).

But God is doing a new thing. This is a watershed moment for Christian storytellers. We get to be a part of a greater move that God is orchestrating in this arena.

Our program is training elite writers to craft amazing content that glorifies God, connects with Christian and secular audiences, and serves the body of Christ. God has given us a unique perspective and program to effectively accomplish this mission, and it’s already happening.

It’s time for this to happen. We’re delighted to be a part of it.

We are now accepting applications for our full-time program. (Learn more and apply here.)

Our part-time remote program is also now open. (Learn more about “Arche Year” here.)

Will You Take Action?

Here’s the question: Will the church invest in this move of God? The church is us—you and me.

Netflix didn’t grow to be a $25B company overnight. It was made that way by Christians and secular consumers alike giving them $20 at a time.

What if we invested in Kingdom media in the same way?

We’ve invested in the entertainment equivalent of junk food. What if we invested in developing masters: those that can deliver entertainment that is good and good for you?

We believe that’s what God is calling the church to do. We believe that God has specifically positioned this ministry to accomplish this task. We are training storytellers who will fill the entertainment industry with the light and love of Jesus.

Here’s your opportunity: Right now, will you invest as much in Kingdom storytellers as you’ve been investing in entertainment junk food?

Whatever you pay to Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, Showtime, etc., will you at least level the playing field and invest as much in Kingdom storytellers?

You have the power to put real resources in the hands of storytellers that God is calling to redeem our entertainment media, to fill it with amazing stories that carry the light of Jesus.

Specifically, your donation will be used to build our simple, functional training center so that we can efficiently, effectively train up more masters of the craft.

Take action right now. Just like Netflix, this mission is built by many hands. Your support matters.

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