We had a great turnout for our fall flash fiction writing contest. We love these contests because they give us such a great cross section of writers–different genres, styles, and perspectives.

We think they’re a great, low-pressure opportunity for Christian writers to test the work and see how they measure up in a competitive marketplace. We always offer these contests for free and every writer maintains the rights to their own work, so it really is a great opportunity with no downside.

We enjoyed the flash fiction entries so much, we’re doing it again. We’ve opened up a new winter contest. The theme is “Disrupted” and submissions are due by March 1. Learn more about the theme and contest details on the Kingdom Writers Guild website here.

We received a terrific pool of submissions for our fall contest. Thank you to everyone who took a risk and entered, and thank you to Melissa Pauquette for judging the fall contest.

Summer Writing Contest Winner & Runner-Up

The winner of our fall flash fiction contest is Michaylah Malone for her short story titled “New Hands on Deck.” Michaylah’s told a story that was bigger than the 1,000 words on the page. Stay tuned to the website here as we’ll be publishing her story soon!

Michaylah also won a $100 Amazon gift card.

The runner-up is Kaylie Michel for her short story entitled “Intuitive Truth.” Kaylie’s story was interesting, creative, and poetic. The writing itself was beautiful, the story was complete, and her emotional depth was rich and true.

Great story, Kaylie! You’ve won the item of your choice from the School of Kingdom Writers Bonfire store.

Thank you to all who entered this writing contest. We hope that you’ll submit to our next contest.

Check out the details for the winter contest right now. Copy the link and share it with the writers in your life.

Disrupted Winter Writing Contest

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