We received so many great submissions to our February writing contest. The pool was larger than we expected, with many wonderful essays. Thank you to everyone who took a risk and submitted their work for consideration.

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Our team of judges looked at the quality of the writing and the strength of the argument made. Our smallest consideration was how well we agreed with the writers’ conclusion on the topic.

The theme for February was “Let’s Get Weird for Jesus.” We challenged writers to explore what it means to be weird for Jesus–to be countercultural in modern America.

The winner of February’s writing contest is Michael O’Donnell for his essay “That’s Really Weird.”

Michael argued that in an age of constant noise and attention-seeking, to be still and know God and to live from a contemplative condition of the heart is how we can truly be weird. Michael wove in his own story and personal vulnerability to bring the topic to life.

Well done, Michael! You’ve won the $100 Amazon gift card, and we’ll feature your essay and biography on our website and podcast soon.

The runner-up is Emmaline King for her untitled essay, which we titled “Naked Bike Ride.” Emma argued that in a marketing-gimmick society, what is weird to the world are Christians who practice a transformed life and who take the lifestyle of the Bible seriously.

Great job, Emmaline! You’ve won the item of your choice from the School of Kingdom Writers Bonfire store.

HONORABLE MENTION: We’d also like to mention, honorably so, the work of Katie Pozzuoli and Mark Bair. These two essays were strong contenders for the top prize.

Thank you to all who entered our first-ever writing contest. It was a tremendous pool of submissions.

Take a moment right now to check out March’s contest. The topic is “The Earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it.” Please share the link with the writers in your life.

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