We’re building writers from the ground up. It’s important that our full-time apprentices come with an open mind, ready to work hard, than it is that they bring any particular credentials or prerequisites.

Our curriculum has three major components. All three components are taught at the same time. These primary focus areas are spiritual development, creative writing, and professional development.

Please read the following summaries and then follow the provided links for more detailed information.

Spiritual Development

You do NOT need to be a miracle worker or a Jesus superstar to be successful in this program. You DO need to be all in for Jesus and eager to see more of Him in your life.

Every apprentice will participate in Bible study, the development of spiritual disciplines, and supernatural ministry. Our school is open to students of all spiritual backgrounds, and we recognize that you may be more comfortable with some of these things than others. That’s OK.

We’ll lead you through the spiritual development portion of our program with gentleness and grace, at your comfort level. The only requirement is that apprentices are open to exploring biblically supported practices that may be new to them.

Learn more about our Spiritual Development curriculum here.

Creative Writing

This is a vocational education format. You will not sit in a lecture and then go do homework and study for tests. Instead, you will learn by doing.

You will not be burdened with endless reading lists or inapplicable artistic theory.

You will be given real, practical assignments, and your instructor will work with you to equip you to do them. You’ll leave with a portfolio of work that’s ready to sell or publish.

Learn more about HOW we teach creative writing here.

Learn more about WHAT we teach you to write here.

Professional Development

Knowing how to write isn’t good enough. We also teach you how to take the next steps.

We’ll train you to reliably, legally, and effectively make money with your writing so that you can pay your bills and continue to reach new audiences.

Learn more about how we prepare you for the industry here.

Learn more about the additional skills we teach here.

The Commnunity Experience

As our founder, Brad Pauquette, is fond of saying, “Writers need more than a technical skillset. They need to live a life worth writing about.”

Learn how we empower our apprentices with life skills and life experiences here.

The Company’s full-time apprenticeship program is a robust, intensive program. We’ll teach you not just how to write, but how to be successful in this industry, and how to keep your life balanced and pointed in the right direction.

This program is open to all adults who are serious about pursuing a calling to write for Jesus. Young or old, all races and demographics are strongly encouraged to apply.

We’re not looking for the most qualified applicants, we’re looking for those that Holy Spirit is calling. If that might be you, let’s have a conversation.

You can learn more about becoming a apprentice at The Company here:

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