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Noah will be starting his apprenticeship with The Company in the fall of 2023. He’ll be training to be a writer who impacts his generation with the light and love of Jesus.

Use the buttons at the bottom of this page to support his mission. All of the funds received will be applied directly to Noah’s tuition.*

A few words from Noah

I’m homeschooled, oldest of seven, Michigan born and bred. Jesus is my King, and no matter how many times I’ve fallen down He’s always been there to pick me up. 

Deep in this soul He’s put a fire to change the world through story— film, novels, essays— whatever He wants. The door to The Company is open, and we’re ready to walk on through. I don’t want to let fear or sin or laziness hold me back— I’m ready to work hard and begin to trust Him, pursuing all He wants with all I’ve got. 

I know God’s gonna take care of me, and I’m not worried about finances. But if you would support me in this journey, I would greatly appreciate it! It would really help lighten the load and help me focus on mission over money. So please whisper a prayer, or send a gift, and move on to whatever higher road the King is calling you to. Shalom, my friend. God bless you. 

Noah Matthews - Apprentice at The Company

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