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Vella will be starting her apprenticeship with The Company in the fall of 2023. She’ll be training to be a writer who impacts her generation with the light and love of Jesus.

Use the buttons at the bottom of this page to support her mission. All of the funds received will be applied directly to Vella’s tuition.*

A few words from Vella

I love God, people, and stories. I wrote my first book in my first year of high school and never plan to stop telling stories or viewing life as an adventure with God. I aspire to trust and know Him, one step at a time.

And He’s led me to a trade school for writers, far away from home, learning to write stories that shine His light. I’d really appreciate your support in that calling. First, I will beg you for prayer, because I believe it’s absolutely vital. Second, will you support me financially? I’m dedicated to graduating debt-free, and I honestly don’t know how to make that happen without help. I know my God is a Father of abundance, so will I work as hard as I can and wait to see what He does.

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has NOT overcome it.” John 1:5 (emphasis mine)

Vella Karman

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