Thank you. With your help, we are mobilizing hundreds of writers to flood American media spaces with the Gospel.

This is your opportunity to invest in the media you want to see in the world. In addition to our tuition and regular donors, we need to fundraise about $100 per operating day in order to operate at our full capacity. Will you step up and provide one day of operations to this mission? This is your opportunity to play a critical part in this important move of God.

To provide one day, you can give $100 one time or sign up for a recurring monthly donation of $9. Simply use the button below to make a secure donation.

Yes! I want to invest in media that glorifies God and reaches secular audiences with the Good News!

The School of Kingdom Writers is a 501c3 educational organization. All donations are tax-deductible.

If you’d prefer to give securely via Facebook, you can do so here. (Facebook takes no fees from donations.)

We’re ready to see a new Kingdom media. We work hard every day to make it happen. Thanks for joining the team.

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