Dear Christian writer,

This is just a quick reminder that Jesus raised up writers.

If you’re questioning the validity of writing as a ministry, may I remind you that at least 25% of Jesus’s original twelve apostles wrote books? And that’s only counting those with books that were included in the Bible.

They self-published them no less!

There are many more stories of Jesus and letters by other apostles and early Christians that were not canonized (officially included) in our Bible.

The Bible itself is predominantly story, with more than 40% of the content written as narrative. While it was divinely inspired, all of it was written by people.

The facts:

– God makes himself known to us through story in the Bible, written by people.

– People who hung out with Jesus (God) had a tendency to write books and letters.

– Jesus is alive and present today.

The conclusion:

– People who hang out with Jesus today may be similarly overcome with a desire to write.

These are the facts.

Don’t let anybody tell you different. Especially not yourself.

-Brad Pauquette
Director, The Company

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