So you’ve completed some training, you’re moving forward on some goals, but there’s still room to grow—now what? Don’t let procrastination and inconsistency seep in. You’ve come too far!

At The Company, our training isn’t guesswork or based on circular advice we find on the internet. Our methods are tested, refined, and reliable in real industry settings. Predictable inputs yield predictable results. As you move forward in your professional writing journey, you deserve to have a team member who will help you to continue to execute those values so that you can reach your goals.

Our Journeyman group is now open for new applicants! This group will continue your training and support you in writing, publishing, marketing, and the business of writing—all in a rock solid spiritually supportive environment.

We primarily designed this group for alumni of our training programs—like Arche Year and The Three. However, it is also open to members who have similar training from other sources or who are already achieving commensurate market results with their work.

Journeyman is the intermediate group. It will be the best asset for people who have a solid foundation to their work, but want to keep leveling up and pressing forward in the application of their training.

Journeyman meets once per month. As a member of the group, you’ll also be entitled to one-on-one consultation, exclusive access to production services, and other benefits. Learn all about it and start a conversation here.

The Journeyman Group will be led by Brad Pauquette for the first year. He can’t wait to work with you!

Stay true to your goals, keep making progress, and continually level up your work. That’s what Journeyman is for. Check out the page. We’d love to hear from you and answer all of your questions.

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