Our prompt for June’s writing contest was especially challenging. “Radicalized.” What does that word mean to you? Does God call us to be radicalized for Jesus?

We accepted submissions through the month of June. This time, writers could submit any type of written work. We received essays, poems, and short stories.

We’re now switching to a quarterly writing contest. This summer, we’re looking for short stories along the theme “Breaking of Bread,” due by September 1. Learn more about our summer writing contest here. And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter (click here), so that you don’t miss any future opportunities.

We received a great pool of submissions for June’s contest, with a number of diverse approaches to the “Radicalized” theme. We especially want to thank Rachel Mathew and Regina Munchel for helping us to evaluate this month’s contest entries.

June Writing Contest Winner & Runner-Up

The winner of May’s writing contest is Michael Thompson for his essay, “Honest to God.”

Michael has won a $100 Amazon gift card, and we’ll feature his short story and biography on our website and podcast soon.

The runner-up is Angela R. Watts for her story titled “Project : Seize.” Angela wrote a riveting Zombie-apocalypse story that probed the question of a Christian’s duty in extreme circumstances.

Great story, Angela! You’ve won the item of your choice from the School of Kingdom Writers Bonfire store.

HONORABLE MENTION: We’d also like to mention the work of Kathi Bloy for her imaginative, spiritual fantastic realism story, “God’s Warriors.”

Thank you to all who entered this writing contest. We hope that you’ll submit to our next contest.

Take a moment right now to check out our summer writing contest. The topic is “Breaking of Bread.” Copy the link and share it with the writers in your life.

Breaking Bread Short story Contest

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