The year is 2008. Melissa and I are in Fontainebleau, Louisiana at the Abita Brewery after a tour.

You see, we had done something really inadvisable. We had decided to take Jesus at his word. When Jesus said, “Sell all your possessions and give to the poor,” and stuff like that, we thought we should give that a try.

We had vague, mostly unrealized ideas about doing ministry on the road, and we just went wherever. We slept in the car in Walmart parking lots or camped at cheap state campgrounds. We stayed with friends and family when it worked.

Throughout our lives, we’ve always heard people say that. I wish I could do that.

Can I tell you a secret? We’re not that special.

There are no actual qualifications for being crazy.

Most people don’t do the things the world calls crazy because they have a really good reason. We decline the life God is calling us into because we have an excuse. A big but.

Join host Brad Pauquette as he shares what keeps us from pursuing God’s call on our lives and how to get over our big buts.

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