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May 7 Professional Critique – Listen In (Full Audio)

May 7 Professional Critique – Listen In (Full Audio)

On May 7, 2024, five bold authors shared their stories and novel chapters with the world to receive professional critique. Brad Pauquette and Alli Prince provided feedback to these five aspiring writers, and now you can apply their lessons to your work. This is your...

Just do anything (Episode 132)

Just do anything (Episode 132)

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all your big projects and ideas? Like no matter what, you just can't seem to reach the big goals you have? You're not the only one. The good news? There's a solution. Join host Brad Pauquette as he discusses how to overcome being...

Death of the prodigy (Episode 131)

Death of the prodigy (Episode 131)

Have you ever tried lots of different things in order to find the one you were made to do? Something that would just come naturally to you? That’s the prodigy myth. It’s the idea that some people are just born knowing how to perfectly do something. And it’s absolute...

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