Mark started the Arche Year program in January of 2019 and is on track to complete the program in September.

Mark sees an opportunity for Christian literature to be more than what’s currently on bookstore shelves. He sees an opportunity for transformative Christian literature that captures the world as it actually is.

Christians, even committed ones, struggle with the brokenness of the real world. Sin and depravity are real, in our own lives and the lives of those around us. But joy is also real, and it is sometimes most beautiful amidst sorrow and despair.

“I have a passion to write about God’s beauty and glory—in Creation and in His work ‘beautifying’ broken sinners,” Mark explained. “Christian fiction needs a more complex and humble rendering of spiritual transformation.”

Mark began Arche Year in January, and his work has blossomed in the past five months.

While Mark is a talented writer, he’s not without challenges. “I get too many ideas and lose focus,” Mark said.  “At times I feel waves of vague shame—that I don’t have the skills or strength for a life of writing,” While he’s been exploring a call to write fiction since 2016, Mark has finally pushed through those roadblocks over the past few months in the Arche Year program and is now well on his way to completing his first fiction manuscript.

His book-in-progress uses a fictional narrative to focus on issues that break his heart—the value of God’s creation and the institutionalization of elderly care in America.

Mark grew up in Michigan, California, and Pennsylvania, and found himself in awe of God’s creation at an early age. He enjoys hiking and van camping, and is a gifted landscape photographer.

While it’s still an experimental work-in-progress, you can find his website at, or find him on Facebook.

Arche Year 2020 is now enrolling, with classes beginning September 10, 2020.

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