Do you know how Netflix became Netflix? Imagine, 25 years ago, Netflix was this rinky-dink service of questionable legality that mailed DVDs to your house.

But enough people believed in the value of the service that they gave $10 a month to it. Today, with 73 million American households subscribed and an annual budget in the hundreds of billions of dollars, they literally lead our culture. They have so much influence that the topics Netflix explores in their shows will dominate the next major election cycle.

You know how many customers Netflix started with? The same number every business starts with: one.

If Netflix could start with one customer for just $10 a month and become this dominant cultural influence, why can’t the Church do the same?

We’ve seen such a rapid shift on major social issues over the last two decades. Don’t be discouraged, that just means that it can be shifted. Why couldn’t it shift just as quickly the other way?


For generations, literally, the Church has been praying for a new media, a media that honors God. We’ve been praying for a giant oak tree size revival to take place in the American media.

The Company isn’t an oak tree. We’re an acorn. I believe that this is an opportunity for the Church to steward this movement, to demonstrate how serious we are about the media. Have we really been praying, or have we just been complaining and then reluctantly watching anyway?

Netflix dominates our culture because 25 years ago one person decided it was worth risking $10. There was enough value potential that they were willing to lose $10.

The only difference here is that Netflix promised to deliver something to your house tomorrow. The value was personal, for you. I’m asking you to invest for a value that will mostly be given to others. I’m asking you to invest not for what you’ll get back this week, but for the investment in the future, the investment in the next generation, and an investment in your heavenly reward.

Acorns that are tended become oak trees. Do you want the oak tree size revival? Then let’s care for this acorn.

Will you take action right now? Will you invest in the next generation? We’re only asking for $9 today. What have you got to lose?

We’ve been running this $9 November campaign all month long, and you guys have showed up in an amazing way! AND, we’ve been blessed by a matching donor who will match every donation up to the first $9,000! In total, you guys have raised more than $13,300 for a new media!

BUT, we haven’t yet reached the full match amount. As of the writing of this letter, we still need to raise about $2,300 in order to take full advantage of that generous matching offer.

The good news is that your donation will be doubled! But we need you to give right now.


It’s not just about future generations. We’re training full-time students right now, and God is rocking their worlds! We’re seeing tremendous change as these guys connect with the Holy Spirit in new and powerful ways.

This isn’t all about some far-off goal, you are literally changing their lives right now.

These guys are already producing media that fills our culture with the light and love of Jesus. They don’t wait until graduation to start distributing content. This is learning by doing, and within a few weeks they’ll each be actively distributing God-honoring content and doing the real work of ministry.

We’re called to train more students than we have in the program this year. We are quite literally out of space. Your funding helps us to move to a larger space, so that we can multiply the number of writers and content creators we’re sending into the field. Your support will directly grow the oak tree faster.

Step into this battle with us. Whether you’re a writer or a funder, you are critical to the overall mission. We need both on the front lines! Neither one is any good without the other!

This is how we fight the darkness. This is how we reach Americans. This is how we change our culture and rescue the next generation.

Thanks for standing alongside us. This is our fight, all of us together.

-Brad Pauquette
Founder, The Company

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