Core values shape an organization. They form the boundaries of the platform upon which the organization rests, and they provide a lens through which to value each opportunity.

Our highest value is to emulate Jesus, and to encourage others to do the same. In the context of the mission that God has called us to, He has put five core values on our heart to guide our steps and shape our community.

We are dedicated to God’s leading. We are faithful to our students and our promise to effectively train them. We instill faithfulness in our students by empowering them to persevere in their callings.

We will clearly define and actively communicate procedures, protocols, expectations, and information to staff, volunteers, students, and donors.

We will perpetually and aggressively adapt to new technologies and opportunities, and actively counter the enemy’s schemes.

We will pursue our mission through loving community and healthy relationships.

Kingdom Driven
We are motivated by our call to see God’s kingdom manifest on the Earth today.

These five values shape the practical implementation of our mission, and provide a test for each challenge, solution, and opportunity.  When considering a course of action, we simply ask, “Is this solution consistent with our value for faithfulness? Does it reflect our value for transparency?…” and so on.

Each member of our board brings their own values and experience to our decision-making as well.  Through a lifetime of experience, growth, and study, each member accentuates different values of the Kingdom of Light. But we unanimously agree that for the School of Kingdom Writers, these five values are important and should be given highest consideration as we make corporate decisions.

What are your core values? What drives you and forms the boundary for good decisions for your life, your family, your ministry?

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