Hey guys!

Just wondering about the antagonist and how he’s introduced into the story. My story starts off where my MC is just taunted and jeered at by people, and she distrusts the man with ‘eyes like the wolves’. But there is no real opposition yet really, that comes later in my second act when MC finally chooses to trust everyone, because she feels that will lead her to happiness, but it lands her in a deep mess when she trusts the antagonist and he traps her. Then the rest of the story is her trapped in the mega antagonist’s clutches with her friends and family trying to free her.

Should I put more antagonist work in my first act, or can it just be her feelings and doubts that lead her to the antagonist in the second act? Sebastian (antagonist) is working constantly to deceive her, she’s just too cautious. There are lots of hints that there is an antagonist out there trying to get her, but no physical opposition, just thoughts and maybes.

Is that a problem?


Doc Dave DEWITT Answered question 7 days ago