One of my favorite authors P D Atkerson writes books where the MC is part villain. Most of them have a con artist type character and a law enforcement character as the MCs. I really want to do that too but have the protagonist be a criminal genius and do a side POV with a law enforcement agent. I was wondering if it’s possible though because the MC would be morally corrupt. I’ve been trying to get inspo from my favorite author (she does it really well) but I wondered if anyone had any tips on how I could do this without reinforcing bad things. I don’t want to condone anything the protagonist does unless it’s morally right or at least something that we would applaud. So far most of the things he does are bad. I am going to have him go straight in the end but I need some help while he’s still on the bad side.

Allison Prince Answered question June 21, 2024