Both I and a close acquaintance of mine are aspiring authors. She is not a Christian and her work is a dark mafia romance series where she has based several characters on wild caricatures of people she knows and their families.  For instance, the character she has told me is based on me is a small-town pastor’s daughter who ends up married to one of the mafioso’s sons. The character, named Eden, later finds out that her father carried on a brief affair with her mother-in-law prior to marrying Eden’s mother.

While I understand what she’s attempting to do, there are also several other people based on her friends and some of their family members, exes, et cetera. Am I wrong in thinking that she is treading on a very slippery slope by doing this? She’s in the editing stages and we’ve debated back and forth for a long time about it– she’s very cavalier and doesn’t see anything wrong, while I see a potential legal landmine if anyone who didn’t give consent to become a character gets a hold of her work.

Brad Pauquette Answered question January 30, 2024