So my MC gets abused by his parents and other trusted friends and family throughout this book (or series depending on how far the plot goes) but I’m having difficulty varying the abuse. Can you give me some ideas on different things I can use. So far he’s been insulted, whipped and mocked. He’s also been told lies about how worthless he is and told everything is his fault, ect.

I’m also wondering how many times he can get abused without readers getting annoyed/frustrated. I can share a basic summary of the plot if need be as well.

Allison Prince Answered question June 11, 2024

One more thing: I’m not comfortable with showing sexual abuse. Physical, mental, or emotional only. I just remembered that I should add that. I don’t feel comfortable even reading it a lot of the time even if it’s shown as being wrong. I’m just sensitive that way. I also should mention that this is a YA novel. So I do have some detail but nothing gory because I don’t like that type of thing either.