Part I: I have this scene where my character is locked up and nobody knows he’s there. Im struggling to get the tension and pacing right. He has no one to talk to and few if any actions he can take. (In fact, the hardest part is that if possible I would like the tension to come from the fact he can’t take action.) He does have a lot to think about/realize in the scene – but if I lean to much on that, it loses the feeling of panic. Any tips at all? Or even scenes from other books I could go to as a case study?

Part II: Im tempted to submit this scene to the next workshop to get more specific feedback, but I was wondering if you could lay out the expected workshop etiquette for me. Is it okay to ask for feedback on a specific area like tension, when the draft overall is in such a rough state?

Brad Pauquette Answered question April 3, 2024