I would like to start writing short stories, if for no other reason that it would be nice to actually finish something without having to commit several years of my life to it (and maybe also to have some content I can build an audience with while I’m working on my novel). But this would be a whole new format for me. I’m having a hard time coming up with ideas that I like.

I think what I really want to know is… what is a short story premise? What do I need before I start to make a short story? (especially as opposed to a novel, which is what I’m used to)

Also, if anyone would like to share their own short story process – from brainstorming to revising – I would love to hear it. Maybe what works for you could be helpful for me too.

(P.S. sorry if my edits to this question threw anyone off – I just realized that was a much more specific and useful way to ask)

Brad Pauquette Answered question June 20, 2023