Hey people,

Crossing the halfway point in my book, I am reaching a magnitude of writing that is now time consuming if I have to search for where I have certain events. I may be writing a part that I know is connected to other parts, making it necessary to see what I wrote in other parts.

What do you do to keep track of the details of your story? An outline, a summary? So far what I use is the titles of the chapters to tell me what I want in each. As I said, that chapter has connections to other parts that I may be just getting to writing, so even going looking through a whole chapter for the lines that make i connect takes time.

Do you use highlights for connections, special symbols?

These connections are also the reason that I have been writing the book in one huge file. I am writing the main subplot separate from the large story, then will insert sections into multiple chapters for timing.

I will ask my timing question separately, but I am driving myself nuts with what day of the week am I talking about and how can that happen before the Friday events occur.

Brad Pauquette Answered question March 5, 2024