What if we told you there was a way to write the novel you’ve dreamed of and get ready to publish in the next 12 months? What if we told you it had a 100% success rate?

Believe it. Our Arche Year Cohorts are now enrolling, to begin the week of September 12th.

We designed this program to help busy, distracted people move forward with their dreams. With just ten hours a week, you can finally make the progress you’ve been waiting for.

Among our students who fulfill the time commitment, 100% write a complete novel draft in less than one year. They also build a website, launch a professional social media presence, build a permission-based email list, register to legally do business in their state, and so much more.

What are you waiting for? Learn more and register now:

Everything you need. Nothing you don’t.

This online course teaches you the structure and mechanics of a well-crafted novel. It also provides organization and project management techniques so that you can effectively get the work done. While you’re writing your novel, you’ll learn all about publishing, the business of writing, and how to build an audience for your work.

This is the same content as the self-paced Arche Year course available at KingdomWritersGuild.org, which you can take on your own for just $10/month. The Cohorts bring additional resources, live support, and coaching to the course, to ensure you reach your goals. The success rate is staggeringly higher among students who enroll in a Cohort.

The best part is that you’ll do all of this in an encouraging, spiritually-supportive environment. You’ll meet each week with other Christian writers with similar goals who are each overcoming the same challenges.

It really works.

Here’s what Kyle Peters, one of our 2022 graduates, had to say:

“The Arche Year program not only grew me as a writer, it equipped me to face the complexity of the publishing process. My cohort walked with me as I learned to press past the challenges and the frustrations with a confidence that God has placed something in me that the world needs.”

This year we’re expanding the program. In addition to updating the course content, this year’s Arche year writers will get a ton of additional perks.

Cohorts start in just about six weeks. Take advantage of this opportunity, and kickstart your writing career! Space is limited, please take action to reserve your seat today!

Questions? Contact us here or send us an email at info@SOKW.org. We’d love to answer them!

Looking for even more? The full-time program at the School of Kingdom Writers is now enrolling. Learn more here.

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