Are you ready to write a novel?

90-Day Novel Challenge

Is it time to finally finish that novel?

This is your summer!

The 90-day Novel Challenge begins June 10. For 90 days, Brad Pauquette and the team from The Company will guide you through the novel writing process.

If you can devote 1 hour per day to your novel, you will complete a novel draft this summer!

Finally, you’ll have the support you’ve been craving. Each week, The Company’s team will provide practical how-to, encouragement, and a little bit of wisdom to stay motivated and on target.

Plus you’ll be a member of a vibrant community of writers who are all working towards the same goal.

The 90-day Novel Challenge is completely free. There are options for additional paid support below, but just by signing up you’ll receive all of the weekly content to stay on track.


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