Our roof repair is underway! This has been a long time in the making.

That’s our building circled. If you look closely, you can see some itty-bitty men at work.

We are redeveloping a former department store in downtown Zanesville, Ohio for our full-time campus. This building is rough. On the top floor, you can look up and see the underside of the roof deck. The deck was broken, with boards missing, others black with rot, some of them warped and twisted, revealing large gaps.

The roofers started on July 20th. We went to the building last night to see the progress. We stood on the top floor, looking up, exactly as we’ve done before—week after week, praying for God to miraculously replace the roof.

As I stood there last night, looking at new boards overhead, yellow as the day they were milled, I was overcome with emotion. This thing that we’ve worked towards for so long, planning, dreaming, praying, laboring each day—it’s finally happening.

Before and after.

It’s simply amazing. It’s beautiful.

God is working through the community of believers that are rallying around this mission. That’s you! You are the mechanism by which God is manifesting this miracle.

Thank you for saying “yes” to God. Thank you for supporting this mission, both in prayer and with your monetary donations.

This mission is coming to life before our very eyes. Thank you, Jesus.

Worship at School of Kingdom Writers
Our recent worship night at the building. Jesus name will be worshiped and glorified in this space!

This is just the first step, there are many steps to go. Please make a donation towards our building fund today. Every little bit helps.

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