On December 6, 2019, we closed on the purchase of the building at 35 S. 4th St. in downtown Zanesville, Ohio. By God’s provision, we raised $70,000 in less than 50 days to complete this purchase with cash!

Now that we’ve purchased this building, what happens next?

Our next initiative is our “Safe & Sound Campaign”.

This building has been effectively vacant for many years and is in need of total rehab, with a few pressing repairs. Our first order of business is to ensure that the building is safe from any further damage and safe for occupancy.

This campaign includes replacing the roof, which will cost approximately $50,000.

It also includes some repair to the brick on the outside of the building, which will cost approximately $12,000.

We’ll need to repair and replace doors and windows on the first and second floor, for which we are still collecting quotes.

And we’ll need to repair or replace the subfloor on all four floors, which will cost approximately $24,000.

All together, with other  miscellaneous expenses, we’re budgeting $125,000 for this stage of the development.

Our next immediate need will be to add bathrooms to the first and second floor, which will include correcting all issues with utilities to the building. We’ve estimated this to cost $75,000.

Once these tasks are complete, we’ll have a usable space for the public. It won’t yet be developed to the specific needs of our students, but we’ll be in a position to begin holding events there.

Find draft artist renderings and floor plans of our future facility here.

We would like to complete these tasks by the end of 2020. In total, this will require an additional $200,000 in fundraising.

We’re committed to remaining debt-free throughout this process, so we’ll complete these tasks one at a time as cash allows.

Please pray for the School of Kingdom Writers as we pursue this mission. Please ask the Lord to provide the funding for each of these items.

We know that God pays for what he orders, and He’s provided for us in a miraculous fashion so far!

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