We are excited to share our plans for this building with you. We’ve worked with an architect to produce some sample floor plans and artist renderings to help you “see” the space with us. These are quick drafts, so they’ll evolve as we finalize our plans.

We have accounted for both public and private spaces. We’ll provide a variety of work environments for our students, as well as spaces that are open to the local community.

First Floor

The first floor will be a public-facing space.

As you walk through the front doors, you’ll enter a simple café area where students can work, but which will also be open to the public. Zanesville presently has no open work spaces or cafes during the daytime in the downtown area. This will be a loving, hospitable environment for friends to meet, for individuals to relax and read a book, or for freelancers to work on their laptops in a creative, inspiring atmosphere.

To your left will be the school’s reception area, as well as additional comfortable seating.

Towards the back of the first floor you’ll find our primary auditorium, which will seat 100 people. We’ll use this space as a chapel for many of our spiritual development exercises, as well as for assembling the full student body.

We’ll make the auditorium available to the public for poetry readings, book releases, documentary screenings, and seminars. We’ll also use the space to show classic movies and to discuss the art of storytelling.

Second Floor

As you travel up the grand staircase, on the second floor you’ll find private workspaces for our students. Every student will have a dedicated workspace that simulates the environment of an active creative agency. Students will conduct the majority of their work on-site during the workday, and these desks will be home base.

We’ll have two large conference rooms, which is where the majority of instruction will take place in small groups of twelve students or less. We’ll also use these rooms for peer critique and group workspaces.

Towards the back of the second floor is our break room. Here students can prepare and enjoy their lunches, hang out, and work through creative solutions over a game of darts or table tennis.


The basement, third, and fourth floors will be developed at a future date, as the Lord leads. We anticipate continuing to balance public and private spaces—spaces dedicated specifically for the school students and spaces that enrich the local or global community.

God is bringing this mission to life, and this building will be the ideal home for this ministry.  The School of Kingdom Writers will enrich the global community through the work that our students produce and will also be an asset to our local community in Zanesville, Ohio.

We are on a tight deadline to raise the funds to complete this purchase. Please make a donation today towards our building fund. Every $3 funds one square foot of the building purchase. Will you fund one square foot today?

Or if you’d prefer to give using PayPal, you can do that here:

The School of Kingdom Writers is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible.

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