Services to Maximize your impact

All of our services are provided by our apprentices, under the close supervision of leading industry professionals. You’ll receive the same quality of deliverables as you would from the top creative agencies in the country at a fraction of the cost, and you’ll be providing important learning opportunities for your brothers and sisters.

We have strategic partnerships in place to bridge any gaps and fulfill everything that’s required if we do have the skills or availability among our in-house apprentices.

Book Production – It doesn’t matter how good your ideas are. If your books are going to compete on the open marketplace, they must be produced at the same level as your Big-5 competitors. We help Christian small publishers and self-publishers to produce books that compete in the market. We have all of the pieces in place to take your book from raw manuscript to fully-launched, professional product.

Podcast Production – Ready to podcast? Our crew is available to help bridge the technical gap. We provide a variety of services to get your ideas properly and professionally distributed.

Author Platform Building – You don’t have to do everything yourself, and for many authors, it makes sense to outsource whatever you can. Our apprentices will help you setup a professional author’s platform, guiding you through the process and doing all of the heavy lifting.

Content Writing – Quality copy is what makes sales. It’s more important than website design. Whether you need social media content, brochures, menus, product descriptions, website copy, or mailers, we’re here to help. If it has words on it, let our apprentices help ensure those words are on target and achieve maximum impact.

When you put our apprentices to work, you get the highest quality product at a fraction of the cost. You also provide important experience for these developing professionals so that they can infiltrate the secular marketplace and change the world.

If it sounds like writing, marketing, or publishing, give us a call. Were here to help your work achieve maximum market impact.

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