There were so many fantastic short stories submitted to our Summer Flash Fiction Contest. Thank you to every writer that submitted a story. It takes guts to put your work out there, and we admire each and every one of you.

True Family Stories Fall Writing Contest

There can only be one winner. But you can still win next time! Check out the Fall Writing Contest here. We want your best short stories and essays that include a “True Family Story.” The deadline to submit is December 1, 2022, so grab the details and get started right away.

All of the stories submitted to this contest were judged blind, which means that the judges did not know the name of the author. It’s important to us to run a fair contest without favoritism. Winning stories were chosen only due to the merits of the writing.

This contest was judged by Michaylah Malone, Thirzah Griffioen, Melissa Pauquette, and Brad Pauquette.

Spring Writing Contest Grand Prize Winner

Shelley Jewell

Shelley Jewell is our official grand prize winner for her story titled, “The Cemetery”! Our judges felt that her story rose above the competition in writing quality and story development. In just a few words, her story packed a big punch!

Read the full version of “The Cemetery” on The Pearl here.

Shelley resides in Northern New Hampshire with her family and a plethora of pets, surrounded by mountains, meadows, and forests, where many of her stories take place. When not at her day job, she can be found writing, traipsing through the woods, climbing mountains, or enjoying spectacular sunsets. 

Congratulations, Shelley!

In addition to having her story published by The Pearl, Shelley will receive a $100 Amazon gift card.

The Cemetery by Shelley Jewell
Click to read “The Cemetery” on The Pearl

Summer Writing Contest Runner-Up

Iris Noth claims the prize as the official runner-up in the Summer Contest for her short story “Monster in the Mirror.” Iris told an elaborate story, building a universe that was much larger than the 1,500 words on the page. Congratulations, Iris!

We were so impressed by her story that it too will be published by The Pearl, and will be released on October 28, 2022. Check out The Pearl and join their mailing list so that you don’t miss it.

Iris Noth - Runner Up Summer Writing Contest

Iris is seventeen years old and an aspiring editor and fiction author. She is currently attending college in Pennsylvania, where she is studying English and Philosophy. Besides writing, she also enjoys reading, martial arts, and being a nerd about apologetics. 

As the runner-up, Iris will receive the item of her choice from the School of Kingdom Writers store (check it out here). Iris has chosen our “Writers Change the World” t-shirt.

Iris was an honorable mention in our Spring Writing Contest, which just goes to show that persistence pays off. If you didn’t win this time, try again!

Summer Writing Contest Honorable Mention

Two other stories rose to the top of our stack of finalists.

“Legacy” by Eliza June Sapphire

“Reflections” by P. Anthony Ramanauskas

Congratulations on writing notable pieces! We hope that you’ll submit again to our Fall Writing Contest!

Thank you to our judges!

This contest was judged by Michaylah Malone, Thirzah Griffioen, Melissa Pauquette, and Brad Pauquette. Thank you to each of you for your time and consideration!

Every submission was carefully considered. We appreciate your efforts!

Thank you to all who submitted!

It takes real courage to submit your work to a contest. We applaud every writer who took a risk and entered this contest. Please keep writing and submit again!

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Thank you again to everyone who participated in this contest! We hope you had fun and that you’ll submit again!

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