It’s summer. It’s hot. Exciting things are happening. It’s time for another writing contest!

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This quarter, we want your best flash fiction on the theme “Mirror Image.” We’re partnering with 95.5 The Fish out of Cleveland, Ohio on this one. In addition to our regular prizes, the winner will be featured on Mornings with Len and Sara! Keep reading for details.

Mirages, fata morgana, mirrored sunglasses, glistening sweat, hot asphalt—summer is full of reflections.

You can interpret this writing contest theme however you want, get creative with it! Your “mirror image” can be literal, like in a mirror, water, or reflecting off a plate-glass window. Your mirror image can be speculative, like secret portals, alternate dimensions, or magical look-alikes. Your mirror image can even be symbolic—exploring the world of equal opposites, extreme pairings, and confused identities.

Whatever you write, you have to keep it short! This is a flash fiction writing contest, which means that you MUST stay under 1,500 words. Short stories of all types, genres, and styles are welcome, but it should be narrative in nature (a story, not poetry, lyrics, a scan of your diary, etc.)

It’s 100% free to enter the contest, no strings attached. However, you must submit your story by September 1, 2022!

Winner Will Be Featured on The Fish Morning Show with Len and Sara!

Len and Sara The Fish Morning Show

As usual, the winner will receive a $100 Amazon gift card and be featured on the School of Kingdom Writers website. This time, you’ll also have an opportunity to join Len and Sara on The Fish morning show to talk about your winning story!

It gets better than that. We’re launching Pearl Magazine this month, a new outlet for genre-bending Kingdom-minded fiction, and with your permission, your story will be published there as well!

The contest will be judged by the full-time apprentice writers at the School of Kingdom Writers. (Want to join us? We’re now enrolling full-time and part-time students. Learn more here.)

There are a million directions you can take with this theme. Have some fun with it and don’t be afraid to get weird (you should meet the SOKW students). Your short story can be inspiring, creepy, realistic, fantasy, or even a true story, just so it’s a story.

All submissions must be received by the end of the day on September 1, 2022.

How to Enter

The “Kingdom Writers Guild” is our community of Christian writers. It’s free to join. We run all of our contests and online classes through the Kingdom Writers Guild.

To enter this contest, simply register for a Kingdom Writers Guild account. Registration is free and easy. Once registered, log in at to submit your work for this writing contest. All submissions must be received no later than 11:59pm ET on September 1, 2022.

Ready to get serious about writing? Let’s talk!

The School of Kingdom Writers is now enrolling for our full-time and part-time opportunities.

Full-time students join us in Zanesville, Ohio for our apprenticeship program. This two-year program will jumpstart your writing career. Writers of all experience levels will obtain the skills, resources, and connections they need to step into paid work as a professional writer. If you love Jesus and you’re serious about writing, this is the place to be. Learn more here and start a conversation today.

We also have Cohorts forming now for our part-time Arche Year program. In less than one year, students will write a complete novel and build a professional author’s marketing platform. Over 90% of the students in our Cohorts reach the goals they’ve set for themselves. Learn more here and register.

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