We don’t just make pretend around here. We don’t have our apprentices do a bunch of work that they just throw in the trash when they graduate so that they can move on to “the real work.”

They do the real work now.

A year ago, Alli Prince, who is now a second-year apprentice scheduled to graduate in August, stepped up to develop a world-shaking project. With my help and supervision (Brad Pauquette), she agreed to assemble an anthology of stories inspired by the Biblical book of Judges. Lawless is the result.

Today, this book is available from all major retailers. As of January 19, it is the #1 book of Science Fiction short stories on Amazon. You can find Lawless on Amazon here, or ask for it by name at your favorite local bookstore.

Lawless Book

Judges is not trivial reading. This is a book in which the full depravity of mankind is on display. It’s full of challenging and thought-provoking themes. The book explores governance, family, sexuality, and power. These are often issues we politely try to avoid, but if God included this content in the Bible, why shouldn’t we talk about it now?

All of the stories in Lawless are set in the same universe–a post-apocalyptic, dystopian Earth with old West vibes. (If you’ve seen Firefly or The Book of Eli you’re on the right track.)

Applications were open to the public and lots of authors applied to the project. Last fall Alli carefully sorted through applications to select fourteen authors to be included in the book. Chris Babcock, Jonathan Babcock, Abigail Bales, Anita DeVries, Elijah Fitz, Megan Flahive, Katelyn Flatt, Nicole Gusto, Vannah Leblank, Drake McDonald, Brad Pauquette, Alli Prince, Matthew Sampson, and Thirzah each wrote stories, inspired by an assigned passage of scripture from Judges, set in this shared fictional universe.

Over two months, Alli worked with each author to make their story the best that it could be, and to bring the stories together into the universe she created.

Alli has produced an exceptional piece of literature. Through the process, she gained valuable experience in writing, editing, book production, marketing, team management, and administration. She faced many challenges and several tasks that pushed her way out of her comfort zone, but she faithfully adapted to the process and pushed through to release an amazing product.

My goal for the project was to give Alli an opportunity for real-world, hands-on experience. Lawless is an elaborate learning laboratory. But Alli and this team of authors achieved so much more with it than that.

I think Lawless truly has the power to change our thinking about the Bible and the way we relate to these odd stories in the Old Testament. It’s a book that gives us the freedom to see those Biblical heroes as real people, and to ask hard questions about them.

Lawless really is a book that challenges the status quo of Christian fiction. I think it’s a book that draws into question what Christian readers and Christian authors really want out of this relationship. It tactfully challenges some of our presumptions about what is proper for Christian stories.

Fourteen authors said yes to that task and then they delivered. Each one brought his or her unique perspective to the project, and together, it became more than the sum of the original parts. These are fourteen authors to watch, because they’re not afraid. And fearless people are unstoppable.

The book has already passed expectations. Pre-orders outsold the publisher’s initial print run. Read more about that here.

You can support these kinds of projects by doing two things. 1) Buy this book. 2) Tell somebody else about it.

You can buy the book on Amazon here and it’s also available at BarnesandNoble.com here. If you’re a member of Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program, you can read the book for free.

The best way to tell someone about the book is to in-person. But you can also post about this project on social media, or even just share this article.

One of the best ways to support the project, Alli, and these fourteen fine writers is to post an honest review on Amazon or Goodreads. Even if you didn’t like it, just tell people why. That will actually help the people who will connect with the book identify it more easily. Your review doesn’t have to be elaborate, a single sentence will do.

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But the best way to get involved is to apply to our apprenticeship program. Learn more about that here. That’s where the real magic happens.

Eighteen months ago Alli started our apprenticeship program. Just like most people that come in, she loved writing but had a lot to learn. Everything that she’s accomplished with Lawless would have seemed impossible to her in August of 2022. That’s the power of mentorship and discipleship.

Every author that was included in the book received a paid advance and a royalty. Alli also receives a royalty for her hard work developing the project. Proceeds from the book also support The Company’s projects and future publishing endeavors.

Learn more about Alli and read her blog at AlliPrince.com. Join her mailing list so you don’t miss whatever she has for us next!

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