We are training creative writers to influence arts and entertainment, to bring the values of the gospel to our American media. They’ll be trained to create compelling stories. Specifically, they’ll create books, blogs, social media content, podcasts, and YouTube videos.

So what’s the point of the spear? How will this impact the world?

This is vocational education. What jobs will these students do and how will they impact the world for the gospel?

We see three potential roles for our students to bring the gospel to the lost:

Independent Content Creators – These students will independently create books, blogs, social media, podcasts, and YouTube videos. These entrepreneurial students will sell and distribute this work through conventional publishers, or they’ll self-distribute. In any case, their work will go directly into the world, immediately impacting the culture and conversations of Americans.

Industry-Embedded Ministers – These students will work for conventional secular media companies—production studios, advertising agencies, and social media firms. They will carry the gospel with them to influence these spaces for Jesus, to covertly inject gospel values into secular media, and to save this industry from the inside out.

Ministry Support – Many existing ministries want to invest in the media, now more than ever, but they don’t know how to do it well. Our students will be ideal candidates to support churches and parachurch ministries. As these organizations push into the media, our students will help them to leverage their resources and influence to reach Americans with the gospel of Jesus.

Some of our students may find themselves doing a combination of more than one of these roles.

Of course we expect our students will likely be highly creative and many will be entrepreneurially-minded, so we’re excited to see the ways that they apply this training for the Kingdom.

Applications for our full-time program, beginning in September of 2021, will open this month! Please join us in prayer as we seek the students the Holy Spirit is calling.

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