In this episode, Thirzah interviews Dr. Michael Svigel, author of The AItheist.

In this unique novella, science fiction meets apologetics. Dr. Svigel explores a premise in which an AI machine has explored and weighed all of the possibilities, and determined that Christian theism is the most logical conclusion.

From the back of the book:

In a near future ordered by a sentient AI system called YAR, once-renowned Christian theologian Dr. Michael Berg has lost his faith through unspeakable loss. For the last few years, he has embarked on a crusade to spread his newfound atheism far and wide—until he receives an unexpected phone call. YAR’s creator, Ramy Ray, asks Berg to meet with YAR to talk the intelligent machine out of its obsession with religion. A debate ensues between a machine that has embraced the truth of the Christian religion and a former believer who has abandoned that same faith. In the process, Berg uncovers the secret that prompted YAR to ponder the questions all intelligent beings must ultimately face.

Find Dr. Michael Svigel’s book on Amazon here: The AItheist You can also find him on Twitter @Svigel.

This episode is hosted by Thirzah, a second-year apprentice at The Company (at the time of recording, now graduate). Connect with her and learn more about her work at, and connect with her on Instagram @thirzahwrites.

Find Thirzah’s new book on Amazon here: The Librarian’s Ruse

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