The Journeyman Group

Are you ready to keep growing and take your work to the next level?

Journeyman provides ongoing mentorship, peer support, training, and resources for graduates of The Company’s training programs. You’ll be supported in the next steps of your journey so that you can move forward with confidence and reach your goals.

Think of it like a mastermind group for graduates of The Company and Christian writers who are ready to take their work to the next level. The group is led by Brad Pauquette, an experienced publishing consultant to award-winning and bestselling authors.

The Journeyman group meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 8pm ET. Individualized support is available to members of Journeyman throughout the month.

As a Journeyman, you’ll be mentored in writing, publishing, platform building, book marketing, leveraging influence, and maximizing revenue streams. Each month, a private Journeyman-only class will help members level up, one step at a time.

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Professional Support for your Journey:


Journeyman Benefits

  • Monthly Meeting: Keep growing with a private class, and be encouraged to meet your goals in a small group support session
  • Feedback: Improve your craft through individual review of your work and critique of assignments
  • Publishing & Marketing Services: Work with a team to look and perform your best with exclusive access to professional publishing and marketing services through The Company
  • One-on-One Support: Solve your unique challenges with a 1/2 hour per month of one-on-one consultation (can be combined with other students for group support, or roll-over)
  • Additional consultation and services at a steeply discounted rate.

Qualifications to Join

In order to qualify for Journeyman, you must have completed some training with The Company  (like Arche Year or The Three) or have achieved commensurate market results with your work.

This is a group for intermediate writers who know their craft and have published or will publish soon, but would still like to achieve more. (Arche Year is a better fit for novices, check it out here.)

Membership Cost

The cost of The Journeyman Group is $119 per month, or pay the annual rate of $1,299 per year.

Learn more and join:

To inquire about joining the Journeyman Group, please fill out the form below. We would love to hear from you and begin a conversation today.

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