Over the winter of 2023, we made some major changes. Brad and Melissa Pauquette announced their intention to leave the School of Kingdom Writers and form a new organization to carry on the same mission. This new organization is an Ohio LLC called Writercorp ltd, which operates under the name “The Company.”

This change was initially introduced by two different board members of the School of Kingdom Writers, independently of one another, who each saw an opportunity for the mission to function more effectively with some structural changes.

These changes are being made with the blessing and cooperation of the board of directors of the School of Kingdom Writers. The School of Kingdom Writers, under Brad Pauquette’s leadership, will fulfill all of the existing student contracts through the end of their fiscal year.

You can find many of the records of this change, as well as the reasoning behind it at the following links. Please contact us with any questions.


Brad and Melissa Pauquette spent more than six months in private conversation with board members, long term donors, students, and other stakeholders before finalizing this decision. Once the decision was finalized and approved by the board of directors of the School of Kingdom Writers, the following announcements were originally published in the month of January on the School of Kingdom Writers’ website. These announcements have been migrated to this website in order to retain the records. These announcements were also accompanied by emails to the newsletter list and multiple announcements on social media.

Official announcement of changes

Frequently Asked Questions regarding these changes

Podcast episode explaining transition

Video of Open Community Meeting – Open Zoom meeting hosted to explain changes on 1/31/23.


After Brad and Melissa launched the new organization, the following announcements were made:

Announcement after transition

Podcast episode introducing new organization

For Existing Donors to the School of Kingdom Writers

Existing donors may continue to support School of Kingdom Writers, Inc. through August. However, if you choose, you may also update your giving to continue to support the ministry of Brad and Melissa Pauquette at The Company.

To set up a donation with The Company, please visit this link.

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact us.

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