Movements start from a place of desperation.

Our American media is in a desperate place.

We are desperate for the move of God.

There are two great tragedies of the American media: what it is, and what it could be.

The lesser tragedy is the present state of our media. The content we’re consuming does not look like Jesus and does not honor God.

It is divisive, amoral, and completely lacking in truth. Our media leaves us isolated and apathetic.

The system that supports it is utterly broken. Harvey Weinstein is not exceptional. Corruption, injustice, and perversion dominate the industry.

Even our largest Christian publishers are owned by multinational moguls with one agenda: profit. The same company that owns Zondervan, the world’s largest Christian book publisher, owns a variety of pornographic and erotic media outlets. How will truth stand?

However, the greater tragedy is that the American media is not a tool for the Kingdom of God.

We are consuming vast amounts of media. According to a study conducted by Crowdtap, the average millennial consumes more than 17 hours of media per day. This is an open door for the gospel.

In the book of Acts, Paul went to the forum, the temple, the marketplace. He went where people were.

In America today, where can you find the attention of people? On the media. We’re constantly connected to a device, a book, our earbuds. While our goal is to save our friends from this ungodly obsession, this is also our access point to speak to them.

And we’re not doing a very good job of using it. In fairness, as a Christian culture, we simply don’t know how to use it. No one has cracked it yet.

We’re getting better and better at creating Christian media for Christians. But as a whole, we still don’t understand how to use these emerging media platforms for their greatest effect.

For too long we’ve known how bad the media is, and we’ve been vocal about it. But what action have we taken?

It’s time to change that. It’s time to invest in the media. And God has given this mission a unique plan and perspective to use the media differently. This paradigm and these tactics have been hard-earned, working through the secular industry.

What God is doing through this mission, and others like us, is important. Join this community, and invest with us. The media will be transformed.

God is doing this, with or without us, with or without you. The only question now is, do we want to be part of what God is doing? Do you? We will be faithful to the move of God?

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These two tragedies will resolve by the hand of God. We will not pass them down to our children. We serve a mighty God, and He is on the move.

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