The Kingdom Writers Guild is a professional organization for writers who are serious about achieving big results with their writing. Through courses, resources, and opportunities, this community supports a new generation of Christian content creators.

Originally created as a support community for part-time students of the School of Kingdom Writers, we’re please to expand the Kingdom Writers Guild (KWG) to welcome all Christian writers.

There are a few things that make this different from other writers groups.

This group is specifically for Christian writers who aspire to write and publish at a professional level. It doesn’t have to be your full-time job or even a short term goal, but that should be where you’re heading.

Writing for art’s sake, self-expression, and journaling are all wonderful things, but this group is for those that want to reach large audiences with the message God has put in their hearts.

We welcome and encourage Christian writers who produce work that doesn’t fit the typical Christian mold. Paul told us to “expose the deeds of darkness.” Sometimes things have to get dark in order for the light to shine brighter.

If you’re walking that tightrope and have felt nervous around other Christian writers, KWG might be the right home for you. We’re here to lovingly help one another.

We’re serious about the spiritual component of this vocation. We don’t pay lip-service to Christian spirituality, we’re serious about it. The fact is that if you’re not grounded in the Holy Spirit, you will fail. If you succeed by the world’s standards without the Holy Spirit, you’ll fail even harder in every way that really matters.

Our community is committed to praying for one another, and committed to seeking the Holy Spirit’s counsel on every decision.

We would love to have you join this guild. Writers of all skill and experience levels are welcome.

You’ll find seasoned industry professionals alongside new writers crafting their first paragraphs.

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