Whistleblower Submission Form

Students, staff, and members may use this form to submit anonymous tips and complaints to a special arbiter for The Company. The arbiter does not have any other leadership role in The Company or any conflicting interest.

Before using this form, you are encouraged, but not required, to take the issue directly to the person who can resolve it, and to use regular means to work out the issue. If you feel that isn’t workable or appropriate, you are welcome to use this whistleblower form.

Only the “Message” field is required. While you may submit an anonymous message, you are encouraged to include your name and contact information so that the arbiter can contact you for more information and to facilitate a resolution to the issue.

This form will bypass the leadership of The Company, both paid and volunteers. The arbiter will not share any information except as required in order to adequately address the complaint. However, the information you provide here may need to be shared with the relevant parties in order to appropriately address the concern.

Please include enough information for the arbiter to understand the issue and take action. if contact information is not provided, the arbiter will be unable to address submissions that do not contain enough information to clearly understand the issue .


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